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Hola for mac firefox. ES File Explorer (File Manager): ES File Explorer (Figure A) is an Android file manager that allows. Adobe flash for chrome mac. The only problem I always had with Mac and Android combo is not being able to transfer data between these devices fast enough. Thanks MacDroid for filling this gap. Overall rating 4.5. Based on 56 reviews. Manage data between Android and Mac computer. A Network Attached Storage device can provide shared storage, a Time Machine backup target, and additional useful features for Mac, iPhone, and iPad users on a local area network — and beyond. Droid nas free download - NAS, NAS, NAS, and many more programs.

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A network-attached storage device, or NAS, is a small always-on computer generally used for backing up computers and serving files to devices on your local network. Time Machine on Mac,.


Droid NAS - the easiest way to connect an Android device to a Mac
By Alan Zisman ©
April 26, 2013

In February, I blogged about a few of my then-favourite Android utilities.

Since then, AirDroidhas an updated version, adding a nice Find My Android feature. You mayrecall that its main function, lets you wirelessly connect an Androiddevice - tablet or phone - to any Mac or PC using the computer's webbrowser, and lets you transfer files between them. In the originalversion, both the Android device and the computer had to be connectedto the same Wi-Fi network. AirDroid 2 is more flexible - when you runthe AirDroid app on the Android device it notes an IP address - enterthat on your computer's browser and you connect - at least afterlogging in to an account at Airdroid.com.

New to me today, though, is one that I like even better, Droid NAS.Like AirDroid, it lets you wirelessly transfer files between an Androiddevice and a personal computer. Unlike AirDroid, it tries to do less -for instance, the personal computer has to be a Mac. As aMac-user, though, that's fine. No 'Find My Android' feature.
But it does that one thing - wireless file transfers between an Androiddevice and a Mac - in a more straightforward manner than anything elseI've tried.('NAS' stands for 'Network Attached Storage' - and that's exactly what it does).
For it to work, you need to download and install Droid NAS from the Google Play storeonto your Google device - it's free and a quick little download. Notethat it warns that it could impact battery life - you probably don'twant to leave this running in the background when you're not using it.
Start the app up and you're given options for Home, Office or Cafe,with a list of folders that are shared by default in each setting - atHome the assumption is you want to be able to share everything on yourdevice with any Mac on the Wi-Fi network, while in a public place likea cafe, that's probably not the case. Fine-tune your settings and click'Start Server' to connect.
On your Mac, if you open the Finder you'll now see your connectedAndroid device listed as Shared in the bar on the left. Click it andyou'll see some standard folders:
The screenshot image file displayed is the screen capture I made ofDroid NAS, shown up above. (Don't know how to make a screen capture onyour Droid device? If you're running Android 4.0 or later, if you pressthe Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time, you'll hear a clickand a moment later see a smaller version of what was on screen).
You can click on any of those folders, dragging files stored within toyour Mac or dragging files or folders from your Mac to the Androiddevice.
For instance, the Music folder shows me a set of folders containing music from different CDs stored on my Nexus 7:
On my Mac, music I access in iTunes is stored in my Music/iTunesMusic/Music folder - it's easy to drag folders from there to the Nexus7's Music folder.
Photos are bit trickier - photos in Apple's iPhoto are not so easilyaccessed: iPhoto store all the photos in its library in a single hugedatabase file. In order to get them onto the Android device, you'llfirst need to open iPhoto and 'export' the photos you want to somelocation on your Mac (perhaps your Desktop) before you can drag them tothe Photos folder.
If you click on the SD Card folder you'll see a more complex set of folders:
Your folders may vary, depending on what apps are installed on yourdevice - many apps create folders to store their data files.
Here you'll see the Android device's Movies folder, if you want to copysome digital movies over. (Note that digital movies can be pretty largefiles so your storage space may be limited!)
Cool possibility - if, like me, you have more than one Android device -in my case, a Nexus 7 tablet and a Galaxy Nexus phone - you couldinstall and run Droid NAS on all of them. With the app running onmultiple devices at once you could copy files from one device to theother - getting the same music or photos onto each.
Less cool - Droid NAS works by making use of Apple's Bonjour standardfor easy networking. Apple has released Bonjour drivers for Windows,letting Windows computers take part in easy printer networking (etc)along with Macs. Despite this, a user on Droid NAS's Google Play pagereports that it didn't work with the Bonjour-running Windows system.Pity, that!
But it's the best way I've found to connect my Android devices to my Mac. Just remember to click 'Stop Server' when you're done!

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Droid NAS

Hassle-free SMB server for Android

Droid NAS allows you to share folders over Wi-Fi network, making your Android device visible as Bonjour computer in Finder on your Mac. Turn your phone or tablet into wireless flash drive with a single tap!

Droid Nas For Mac Catalina

Different profiles can be used to quickly choose which folders to share. Assign your home or office Wi-Fi networks to profiles and Droid NAS will auto-select profiles on start.

Supported systems:

Droid Nas For Mac

  • Mac OS X.
  • Android: apps like ES File Explorer, Solid Explorer, GTVBox Video Player.
  • Windows is NOT supported because it can’t connect to SMB servers via a non-standard port.
  • Linux most probably also won’t work.
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