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This article is about the folder in Java Edition. For the folder in Bedrock Edition, see com.mojang.
This feature is exclusive to Java Edition.

Minimum Requirements: Recommended Requirements: CPU: Intel Core i3-3210 3.2 GHz/ AMD A8-7600 APU 3.1 GHz or equivalent: Intel Core i5-4690 3.5GHz / AMD A10-7800 APU 3.5 GHz or equivalent. View, comment, download and edit mac Minecraft skins. Browse and download Minecraft Mac Skins by the Planet Minecraft community.

.minecraft (or simply minecraft in macOS) is the folder Minecraft creates to run from. This folder includes the .jar files, sound, music, resource packs, personal options, worlds, etc.

Locating .minecraft[edit]

Below is a table showing the default directory for .minecraft.

macOS~/Library/Application Support/minecraft

Locating the .minecraft folder can be vital for installing a resource pack, or to locate any made screenshots.

The Windows location in the table above is just the default case. Launchers can set the .minecraft at any path.

If you're a Windows user and are unfamiliar with how to find your appdata folder, follow these steps:

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  1. Click Start → Run. If you don't see 'Run', press ⊞ Windows + R.
  2. Type %APPDATA%.minecraft and click 'OK'.

If you're a Mac user, you can open the folder through Spotlight:

  1. Press ⌘ Command + Space or open the Spotlight popup through the magnifying glass icon on the right of the Menu Bar.
  2. Type ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft and hit ↵ Enter.

On Linux or macOS, the ~ in the path refers to the home directory. Folders starting with a . are hidden by default. In most file managers, hitting Ctrl + H toggles their hidden status. In macOS specifically, since version 10.12 (Sierra), the shortcut ⌘ Command + ⇧ Shift + . toggles the hidden status of files.

If you want to change directory of the .minecraft folder, see Tutorials/Custom minecraft directory.

.minecraft file hierarchy[edit]

Use of a resource pack can be forced by naming its zip file to and placing it in the root folder of the world save.[1] This feature is single-player only;[2] however, there is another way for servers to ask clients if they want to use the server resource pack.

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For windows OS and linux, the contents of nativelog.txt and nativeUpdaterLog.txt can be found within launcher_log.txt when applicable (i.e. the contents ofnativeUpdaterLog.txt will only be present in latest_log.txt after the launcher is updated / launched for the first time).


Java Edition Infdev
June 29, 2010Added level.dat_old
Java Edition Alpha
v1.0.13Added session.lock
Java Edition
1.1317w43aRemoved structure data.
Added datapacks folder.
1.1418w47aAdded raids.dat
19w13aRemoved villages.dat and added poi region files.
Skins For Minecraft Mac Os


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